Tuesday, 4 February 2020

Children's books for German learners: Wir Kinder aus dem Möwenweg by Kirsten Boie

Suitable: Age 8+  (Level A2+)

Kirsten Boie: Wir Kinder aus dem Möwenweg

This series follows the children of Möwenweg, a newly build row of terraced houses on the outskirts of a German town, through the eyes of heroine Tara. Möwenweg is the absolutely best place to live for Tara – the builders may have not gotten around to put Tarmac on the road, so roller blading is out but right beyond their houses are only fields teaming with cows and wild rabbits. Once, Tara even saw a deer.

It never gets boring in Möwenweg: the children play in mud desserts, hunt criminals and sleep in tents.
This book is a brilliant book to read to kids even if they have only just started learning German. If the child is a confident reader, this is also great for independent reading. The stories are short and the beautiful illustrations by Katrin Engelking help the children to follow the narrative easily. The stories are from the everyday life of German children and contain a lot of useful vocabulary as well the opportunity to discuss cultural differences.
This book is the beginning of a series and as such a great way for beginners to build up their vocabulary. 

This book series has been turned into an animated TV series which can be legally streamed on the website of German public broadcaster ZDF when the series is being aired on TV. DVDs are available on Amazon.*

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